How to make a successful VR Game?

By: Polymator InteractiveMay 19, 2023

Virtual Reality (VR) is a revolutionary technology and creation of humankind that has received massive admiration worldwide. Numerous industries across the globe are using VR and giving an immersive experience to the customers to feel the product & service in reality through a virtual world without binding to a location.

VR has gained enormous popularity in gaming as users highly prefer playing Virtual Reality Games. They feel like playing games in the real world by immensely connecting with the VR world and its elements.

Many entrepreneurs are switching to Virtual Reality Game Development, which has tremendous scope and stupendous revenues. In this blog, we will walk you through the steps for successfully making a VR Game.

Essential Steps for Successfully Building a VR Game

The following is the workflow to efficiently and successfully create a VR Game in an organized & most optimal manner.

1. Pre-Production

Pre-Production, aka the Initial Preparation stage, is a pivotal stage in the VR Game Development Process that can make or break your VR Games. You must hire a skilled team, from developers to testers to marketers.

A meticulously conducted Pre-Production Stage ensures significant time, cost, and resource savings. The following is the essential checklist that you must do in Pre-Production Stage:

  • Idea Generation

VR Game Owner & Marketing Specialists must analyze the VR Gaming Market to develop a unique concept to attract and engage their potential target audience. It is not necessary that idea should be unique.

You can take inspiration from an existing VR Game in the market as the idea for your game and ensure to make it distinguish from the competitor.

  • Selection of Platform

After finalizing the game idea, you must analyze which VR headset is preferred primarily by VR users. And accordingly, you will get your potential target audience and platform selection through careful analysis.

  • Hiring Talents

A proficient & dexterous team plays a massive role in making your VR Game ordinary and extraordinary. A qualified VR Game Development Team plays a pivotal role in launching & releasing your VR Gaming App on time. Outsourcing the VR Game Development to a VR Game Outsourcing Company is an excellent alternative to save time, cost & resources.

  • Game Design Creation

VR Game Development requires technical guidance, visual concepts, game logic, game elements, and other necessary elements, which should be determined & recorded in a Game Design Document.

It serves as a detailed strategy that gives VR Game Developers a precise & concise outline to achieve the desired result with minimal deviation.

  • Test Document

It is highly advisable to create a Test Design Document similar to Game Design Document for a detailed strategy for the QA team.

This document consists of technical information about the VR Gaming project and the formulation of testing tasks. This step is crucial before beginning testing once the first code unit is ready.

2. Production Stage

After Pre-Production Stage, you will have clarity about how to create your VR Game. At this stage, the plan is implemented into action. The workflow may differ slightly, depending on the tech stack you have selected for your Virtual Reality Game Development Team.

The game engine and development platforms are crucial in making a successful VR Game without complex difficulties. We recommend opting for Unity Gaming Engine for efficiently creating VR Games.

At Polymator, we provide Unity Game Development Services, and choose us as your VR Game Development Company, and make VR Games on the best gaming engine with us.

Making VR Games with Unity is highly recommended when you want to develop a VR Game as a mobile app. VR Game Development with Unreal Engine is highly suitable for desktop experience and high-quality consoles.

Once you have chosen the Gaming Engine and Software for developing VR Games, the 3D Modeling Artists’ works start from here.

3D Modeling Artists create immersive visual content such as environments, characters, & objects, and they animate it according to your Virtual Reality Game requirements—and other front-end parts such as UI design, menu, and sections.

Both Unity and Unreal Engine offer ready-made assets, saving you time for creating content from scratch. You can customize the ready-made assets according to your game requirements.

After that, in the back end, all the visuals and actions are combined according to the game script and transformed into coding language.

Creation of VR Games in game engines gives you access to numerous tools & software development kits to set up VR Environments, Characters, and the finest details for the VR Game. Also, once the code is built, it needs to be checked for bugs & glitches via Unit Testing type.

3. Post-Production

Once Virtual Reality Game Developers have their code ready and it is running effectively, testers prepare testing techniques & tools to check the VR Game functionality and sustainability under different conditions & circumstances.

Testing helps specialists VR Game Testers to detect bugs & glitches and fix them. The VR Game Developers run the code units and rectify them.

A meticulously tested VR Game is proven to be exceptionally functioning and will give end-users a tremendous experience after launch. However, the VR Game Development Team’s tasks aren’t finished here.

They constantly work on enhancing the VR Game to give it a premier quality and exceed clients’ expectations. VR Game Developers might add new features after testing, ensuring the existing code isn’t affected by modifying separate units.


After reading the blog, you will have a firm comprehension of the steps for successfully & efficiently creating a VR Game. Following all the steps that we mentioned in the blog, including the tiny details, will give an enthralling & magnificent touch to your Virtual Reality Game. However, if you need more tips or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Our VR Game Development Services include a wide range of services for numerous sectors apart from Gaming, such as Healthcare, Education & Training, Retail & Marketing, Military & Defense, and Architecture & Engineering.

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