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Get your metaverse digital products developed by a skilled team of metaverse developers from Polymator. We ensure that every allotted task and project work is performed in compliance with the industry’s highest quality standards and the latest trends. Our metaverse developers have profound knowledge of metaverse development by incorporating it with AR/VR platforms and blockchains to elevate your target audience experience and make it stand out in fierce competition.

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Our Metaverse Developers' Expertise

Our Metaverse Developers' Expertise

Hire Metaverse Developers in India and leverage their rich expertise in creating every metaverse development project and specific task with utmost precision. We are proficient in providing various metaverse development services, such as building 2D and 3D environments, NFT development, metaverse marketplaces development and more, depending on your requirements. We are capable of handling every project irrespective of their complexity and instill their creativity to transform it into an enthralling output.


Conclude your search for metaverse developers by hiring seasoned developers from us who are competent in executing every task from small to substantial and deliver them within the assigned time frame of AAA quality. The following are the reasons for choosing us:

Simple Engagement Models

Flexible Engagement

Offering Fixed Price model, flexible T&M model, and Dedicated Hiring model with full transparency and a promise of No Hidden Costs

Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach

Seamless collaboration with the client and their teams, ensuring an active partnership where regular updates are key factors or our approach

Timely Deliveries

Timely Deliveries

As your responsible development partner and our dedication to timely deliveries – we always ensure your business goals are achieved as we committed

Post Delivery Support

Post-Delivery Support

We offer robust Post Delivery Support that guarantees continued excellence, seamless transition, and optimized performance to ensure your success

Data Security Assurance

Data Security Assurance

With our extreme measures for Data Security, we assure you the highest level of protection and confidentiality for your valuable idea and assets

Intellectual Property Protection

IP Protection

With our strict data protection policies, we always ensure your proprietary ideas are always shielded throughout our collaboration

Technologies We Work With

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Unity 3D



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AR Kit

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AR Core

Benefits of Hiring Metaverse Developers from Polymator

When you hire metaverse developer from Polymator, you will enjoy astonishing output at modest pricing from our veteran developers, who adroitly perform every task. The following are the benefits of hiring from us:

Advanced Infra

Advanced Infrastructure

Leverage our advanced infrastructure, technology and tools for developing metaverse projects and attain scalability by saving capital on resources.

Arbitrage Savings

Arbitrage Savings

Hire metaverse developers in India from us and enjoy arbitrage savings on workforce costs, as our hourly rates and pricing are cheaper than in other countries.

Track Conveniently

Track Conveniently

You can conveniently track Metaverse Development’s real-time W-I-P updates through email, Slack, video conferencing and Project Management Tools.

No Restriction on Assigning Task

No Restriction on Assigning Task

We don’t put any bars on the number of tasks you can assign us. Our developers will happily handle a single work and full-fledged development.

User-Centric Approach

User-Centric Approach

We research and implement marketing trends in your metaverse project to ensure they connect with users at first interaction and meet their expectations.

Post-Launch Support

Post-Launch Support

We offer post-launch support in the form of metaverse app maintenance, performance enhancement, bug fixes, content updates and technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a list of detailed and answers. Don’t worry if you still have some doubts. Our experts would love to answer your questions.

What are the expected deliverables for a typical metaverse development project?

The following are the expected deliverables you will get with a Metaverse Development project with Polymator:

  • A playable prototype
  • The final metaverse experience
  • All documentation and assets related to the experience

For any questions, contact us at contact@polymator.com

How can I get started with hiring a metaverse developer from Polymator?

Hiring a Metaverse Developer from Polymator is a plain sailing process and it is as follows:

  • Initial Consultation to comprehend your metaverse development concept and requirements
  • Selection of a qualified Metaverse Developer to meet your assigned work requirements
  • The signing of the legal contract (NDA) for 100% data confidentiality
  • Onboarding of the Metaverse Developer
  • Start of Metaverse Development designated task

If you are searching for metaverse developers for hire, contact us at contact@polymator.com for a quotation and project consultation.

How much does it cost to hire a metaverse developer?

The cost and timeline for hiring a Metaverse Developer vary on several factors, such as the complexity and scope of the work, scale and size of the project, number of developers required, expertise of the team, geographic location, hourly rates and pricing models and more.

For instance, a project with a smaller scope will have less complexity and can be completed in weeks to a quarter. However, an app with higher complications will require 6-12 months.

Hence, it is recommended to contact a professional company to get a firm clarification about the timeframe and cost.

However, if you want an accurate estimation, contact us at contact@polymator.com

What are the benefits of hiring metaverse developers from Polymator?

You will enjoy multiple benefits by hiring metaverse developers from us. The salient ones are:

  • Professional advice to enhance the overall Metaverse Development final output, irrespective of a single task assigned to us.
  • Extend your in-house team without hiring permanent resources and get premier-quality work from seasoned metaverse developers.
  • Transparency in dealings, communication and expectations. We set realistic goals and adhere to the committed time frame.
  • Highly Professional Developers who handle every request, revision, rework and queries with utmost delicacy and care
  • Our developers ensure that every task allotted to them is executed in compliance with the industry’s best practices and standards.

Hire Metaverse Developers from Polymator by requesting a quotation at contact@polymator.com

What is the quality assurance process for metaverse development projects at Polymator?

The following is the quality assurance process we follow at Polymator for metaverse development projects:

  • The foremost step is identifying compatible hardware, such as AR glasses, VR headsets and smartphones equipped with sensors.
  • After that, we check for the features that can be incorporated and accessed through the compatible hardware. We list down the supported functional requirements to speed up the task. Through the defined test cases, we record the hardware that responds perfectly to the functional needs.
  • Next, our testers work on APIs by running unit test tracing for platform criticalities. We also run regression and cross-platform testing to harness decentralization and software systems’ functioning.
  • After that, we test the metaverse from the users’ perspective by running the test and recording the errors, lag and issues they reported. We move to resolving them and make the final product ready for deployment.

For any questions, feel free to contact us at contact@polymator.com

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