Video Production Services Company

Video Production Services Company

Promote your business offerings and captivate your target audience by partnering with Polymator. We are a video production company based in India and aim to enthrall our client target audience with riveting promotional, explainer, animated, 2D videos and 3D videos for spreading their brand awareness and attracting potential prospects.

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Our Video Production Expertise

Our Video Production Expertise

As one of the fastest-growing Video Production Companies, we aim to deliver premier-quality videos for business promotion. We have rich expertise and proficiency in providing extensive video production services, such as product video creation, gaming intros, game promotion videos, user acquisition videos, social media animated explainer videos, 2D and 3D video production and more.

We utilize our vast experience and knowledge of working on top video production projects of different industry verticals and producing fascinating and appealing videos of all scales and sizes to boost client revenues and amplify their brand reach.

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Hire a Dedicated Video Production Team from one of the best animated and explainer video production companies – Polymator. They will elevate your target audience experience with highly compelling and attractive business videos meticulously made with utmost attention to details.

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Video Production Services Offered by Polymator

Fulfill all your Video Production requirements from conceptualization to storyboarding, sound mixing, lighting, special effects, subtitles and editing by partnering with Polymator as your animated explainer video company. We provide full-fledged animated explainer video services with revisions on your request to ensure it matches your vision and needs. It is all set to capture the target audience’s attention.

We have a complete team of animators, scriptwriters, sound engineers, video editors and more to offer the following video services:

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

We are a skilled explainer video production company specializing in creating short, unique explainer videos to educate consumers about products and service offerings and their benefits. It has a conversational tone that focuses on a specific call to action to persuade buyers to purchase. Based on your requirements, we make 2D and 3D animated explainer videos which are concise, to the point and build an instant connection.

User Acquisition Videos

User Acquisition Videos

Gain new users and penetrate niche consumer segments for your apps, online platforms and other services with our UA video services. We design User Acquisition’s video strategy around generating potential leads and making videos through advertising campaigns, promo offers, events and other compelling forms. We help you run these videos on top social media platforms and business listing sites to earn substantial traffic.

Product Video Services

Product Video Services

We are one of the leading product video companies based in India. We specialize in creating highly engaging product videos showcasing their production, attractive packaging, distribution channels, benefits, customer support and other vital information to allure the target audience. Our product video service involves building videos exclusively around how your product features will significantly benefit customers and focus on their touchpoints, tempting them to purchase.

Promotional Video Services

Promotional Video Services

As an illustrious Product Video Company, we provide promotional or promo video services for marketing and selling your products and services on social media accounts. It involves marketing events, offerings and other elements in a teaser video style to target and engage the audience. It helps promote your business vision, brand and offerings in the limelight by focusing on key touchpoints and leaving an impactful impression in users’ minds.

2D and 3D Video Production

2D and 3D Video Production

We are one of the most trustworthy 2D and 3D video production companies providing comprehensive services for creating 2D and 3D animated, explainer, promo and product videos from scratch to concept to storyboarding to sound, lighting, voiceover, subtitles, editing and delivering you the ready output. Our team adroitly makes spectacular 2D and 3D videos using advanced technologies, tools, techniques and practices to serve AAA quality results.

Game Promotion Video

Game Promotion Video

As a highly rated 3D Video Agency, we provide full-fledged game promotion video services, including making trailers for mobile and PC games optimized for App Store, Play Store, Windows, Mac OS and Linux. We also make game promo teasers for game branding on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We give users a sneak peek of your game to raise launch excitement by creating videos of game assets, animation and cut-scenes.

Technologies We Work With



Adobe Premiere


Adobe After Effects

After Effects

Blender 3D




Why work with Polymator

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Create an Appealing Sales Pitch

Create an Appealing Sales Pitch

Our custom explainer video services enable you to reach out to target audiences and niche consumer segments. Our product video services involve creating an intriguing sales pitch and incorporating it with ingenious ideas and trending humor content on social media platforms to connect with customers at first sight. Our animated explainer video production focuses on drafting an emotional appeal to leave a lasting impression of your business.

Transparent Communication

Seasoned Experts

Leverage the extensive experience, rich expertise and specialization of our seasoned video production experts to make splendid and enchanting professional corporate videos. Our team has worked on developing videos for various product and service offerings. Whether you want to produce animated, explainer, promo, or any other videos, our veteran specialists will fulfill your requirements efficiently to attain the desired goals and objectives.

Timely Deliveries

Timely Deliverables

As one of the best animated explainer video companies, we don’t make false commitments or promises. We comprehend your video production project concept. Accordingly, we provide a realistic timeframe that we can adhere to for delivering the finished product. For instance, if your expected video duration is above 60 seconds and the animation is complex, we will give you a timeline in which we can deliver the ready video and not set unrealistic expectations.

Flexible Engagement Models

Flexible Engagement Models

As a highly reliable animated explainer video agency, we offer our clients transparent pricing according to the hourly rates and pricing models prevailing in the Indian market. Our flexible engagement models enable you to hire us on a project-to-project basis and eliminate the need for a full-time in-house video production team. You have to pay for the service availed and for the duration you hired us without binding in a long-term contract.

Video Production Process

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Defining the Requirements

Project Comprehension

The first step involves formal discussion with our experts to comprehend the client video concept, requirements, target audience and offerings.

Conceptualization and Designing

Conceptualization and Illustration

We move towards brainstorming ideas for the video and draft a script with well-documented storyboarding. It will outline how each frame rate will look and demonstrate the story flow.



We hire professional voiceover artists with relevant industry experience providing voiceovers for corporate clients to record script dialogues.



Next, our animators work with the special effects team to create treat-to-the-eyes, riveting animations and graphics tailored to the storyline and business offerings.

Sound Mixing

Sound Mixing

After that, our sound engineers work on creating pleasing and soothing sounds with effects that match the animation and script.



Once the video is completed, we render it in the format requested by the client and make it ready for publishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a list of detailed and answers. Don’t worry if you still have some doubts. Our experts would love to answer your questions.

What are Explainer Video services?

Any business engaged in producing and selling goods and services should invest in explainer video services.

Explainer videos are short-duration videos primarily made to educate and guide consumers on using their products and services. It is chiefly done for sales and marketing purposes to highlight the company’s offerings effectively and concisely.

Businesses post explainer videos on their website home page, landing pages, or social media accounts. Explainer video services involve hiring the services of an Explainer video company for producing, making and editing the video from the first stage till the finished product.

Outsource explainer video production services to us by contacting us at for a quotation and a free project consultation.

What is a Promotional Video?

A promotional or promo video is primarily used for sales and marketing your products and services on social media accounts, online business listings sites, online E-Commerce shopping platforms and other online medium sources.

Businesses use promo videos to market their events, sales initiatives, or offerings in a teaser video style and tone to capture the target audience’s attention and allure them to explore more.

It is a wiser move to outsource promotional video production to a promo video production company, as they have the rich expertise, skilled resources, creativity and knowledge to make an appealing and captivating promotional video to drive potential sales and increase your brand awareness.

Partner with Polymator as your promotional video production company by requesting a quotation for our promotional video services at

Can you help me create videos for specific platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook?

Yes, we will provide comprehensive assistance for creating videos for specific social media platforms. Whether you want promotional video production, animated explainer videos, 2D/3D product videos, or any other to promote your offerings on social media handles, we will create them.

Contact us at or a quotation.

Which companies need explainer videos the most?

Almost every business engaged in online and offline sales should hire the services of an explainer video production agency. The following is the list of industries that primarily need explainer video production services:

  • Education
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • HR and Recruitment

Partner with us as your explainer video production company by requesting a quotation at

How much does a 2D promotional video cost?

The cost and timeline of making a 2D promotional video vary on several factors, such as geographic location, team expertise, video scope, project scale and size, graphics and more. It also depends on whether you want to hire on hourly rates or a fixed pricing model.

Some companies only outsource a specific part of their 2D video production and keep the rest in-house. So, you have to determine which task you would like to outsource.

It is recommended to consult a professional 2D video production company to get sound advice on timeline and cost.

However, if you want an accurate and unambiguous quotation, contact us at for a free project consultation.

How much does it cost to outsource 2D and 3D video animation services?

You must consider several factors while evaluating the cost of outsourcing 2D and 3D video animation services. It depends on the country you are hiring from; for instance, the hourly rates and pricing models for 2D and 3D animation video production in India are relatively less than in the United States and other top countries.
You can hire a team of competent video professionals with similar skills to your country at an economical cost. Also, you must consider other aspects, such as scale, size, complexity of your videos, graphics, quality and video duration.

Also, if you want a 3D animation video production company to deliver you the ready product within a rapid turnaround time, you have to hire more individuals.
However, you can simplify this task by requesting an accurate and transparent quotation from a reputed 2D and 3D animation video company like Polymator.

Contact us at for a free project consultation.

How much does an explainer video cost?

The cost and timeline of an explainer video creation service vary from country to country, the expertise you want, the number of services you want to hire, scope and complexity, scale and size, graphics, video duration, voiceover and subtitles requirements, special effects and more.

You must consider all these aspects when shortlisting an explainer video agency. Hence, it is advisable to consult an explainer production company for well-constructed advice.

You can conclude your research by contacting a professional explainer video production house like Polymator at to get a precise costing, timeframe and sound consultation for your explainer videos.

How much does a video production service cost and How long does it take to produce a video?

The timeline and cost for a video production service depend on the task you want to outsource and the expected length of the ready video. It also varies on numerous factors, such as the geographic location, video production team expertise, number of individuals you want to hire, size and scale of video, high-resolution graphics, special effects and more. You must also consider whether you want to hire on hourly rates or fixed pricing models.

Hence, it is advisable to consult a professional video production company to get a fair idea about the timeframe and pricing. However, you can get an accurate, unbiased and concise quotation for your video production development by partnering with Polymator as your video production agency. Contact us at for a free project consultation.

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