Hire Dedicated Video Production Resources

Hire Dedicated
Video Production Resources

Fulfill your professional video production requirements by hiring dedicated video production resources from Polymator. Our team is skilled in creating multiple types of corporate and business videos to increase your brand awareness and educate your audience with your offerings and simplify their purchase decision. Our video producer for hire ensures videos are of highest resolution, eye-pleasing graphics, and seamless play on multiple platforms and devices.

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Our Video Production Team

Our Video Production Team

Our Video Production Team for hire has extensive experience making videos of multiple quality resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio. They pay meticulous attention to every element, from video quality to audio to content, to deliver AAA-quality output. Each individual in our team has rich expertise in working on top video production projects, from scriptwriters to animators, sound design engineers, and editors. You can hire a single resource or entire team according to your project requirements.

Why Polymator?

If you are searching to hire a video production company that is highly reliable and committed to delivering AAA quality output within the committed time frame, Polymator is your ultimate destination. We are an expert video production company who are enthusiastic and dedicated to our work. The following are the reasons for choosing us:

Simple Engagement Models

Flexible Engagement

Offering Fixed Price model, flexible T&M model, and Dedicated Hiring model with full transparency and a promise of No Hidden Costs

Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach

Seamless collaboration with the client and their teams, ensuring an active partnership where regular updates are key factors or our approach

Timely Deliveries

Timely Deliveries

As your responsible development partner and our dedication to timely deliveries – we always ensure your business goals are achieved as we committed

Post Delivery Support

Post-Delivery Support

We offer robust Post Delivery Support that guarantees continued excellence, seamless transition, and optimized performance to ensure your success

Data Security Assurance

Data Security Assurance

With our extreme measures for Data Security, we assure you the highest level of protection and confidentiality for your valuable idea and assets

Intellectual Property Protection

IP Protection

With our strict data protection policies, we always ensure your proprietary ideas are always shielded throughout our collaboration

Technologies We Work With



Adobe Premiere


Adobe After Effects

After Effects

Blender 3D




Benefits of Hiring Video Producers from Polymator

When you hire a video producer, you are assigning a highly competent and seasoned team of video producers who are 100% committed to their work and strive for excellence in every task. The following are the benefits of hiring from us:

User Centric Approach

User-Centric Approach

We research and implement the latest trends in your video to ensure they connect with users at first interaction and leave lasting brand impressions.

Cutting-edge Technology

Latest Technology

Leverage our cutting-edge technology and tools for video production to enjoy high-resolution 4k video quality and technically flawless output.

Work with the Creative Team

Creative Team

Our video producer for hire incorporates ingenious and fresh ideas and unleashes their creativity to make videos look visually spectacular.



We have a diverse team of sound engineers, animators, and scriptwriters, and you will utilize their specialization for your video production.

Time and Cost Saving

Time and Cost Saving

By hiring video producers from us, you will eliminate the requirement for an in-house team and utilize saved time and cost for other activities.

Publishing Assistance

Publishing Assistance

We assist in rendering and publishing the final video on different social media platforms and sites, saving you ample time in converting and uploading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a list of detailed and answers. Don’t worry if you still have some doubts. Our experts would love to answer your questions.

What types of video projects can your video production resources help me with?

At Polymator, we have highly skilled and experienced video production experts. They are proficient in assisting clients with different types of video projects, such as explainer videos, promo videos, product videos, animated videos, 2D and 3D video production services, and game promotion videos.

Contact us at contact@polymator.com for a quotation and a free project consultation.

What are the expected deliverables for a typical video production project?

At Polymator, we provide the following deliverables for video production projects:

  • Final Video
  • Source Images
  • Voiceover Files
  • All Documentation and Files related to the Video

For any questions, feel free to contact us at contact@polymator.com

What is the quality assurance process for video production projects at Polymator?

The following is the quality assurance process we follow at Polymator for video production projects:

Defining QA process goals and desired outcomes

Preparing a QA checklist containing video specifications, such as frame rate, rendering format, aspect ratio, audio quality, resolution, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness, transitions, effects, textures, and grammar tone in subtitles

Defining test parameters, tools, technologies, and techniques we will use for QA testing.

Running video across multiple browsers, devices, platforms, OS, and networks to monitor and record the video shortcomings

Once we have the data of issues detected, compile them in an organized manner under different sections of browsers, devices, and platforms.

After that, use online tools to fix the issues, bugs, and glitches to ensure the video plays seamlessly across numerous devices.

We repeat the process until we fine-tune and achieve the desired outcomes of video playing smoothly on error-detected devices, browsers, and platforms.

For any questions about our QA process, contact us at contact@polymator.com

What points should you consider when hiring a good video production team?

There are numerous points that must be paid attention to while hiring a video production team. However, we recommend considering the following aspects:

Geographic Location: Country you are hiring from. For instance, hiring from India for the USA will give you arbitrage savings

Expertise: Review the expertise and skills of the video production team because it will make or break your video

Cost: Compare the hourly rates and pricing models with the local market pricing to ensure you are not overpaying

Contracts: Ensure you are not getting bound by long-term contracts for a single project task

Communication: Evaluate whether they maintain transparency in dealings and sign NDAs for data protection

If you are searching for video producers for hire, conclude your search by contacting us at contact@polymator.com for an accurate quotation.

What are the benefits of hiring video production resources from Polymator?

There are several benefits of hiring a video producer from Polymator, and the salient ones are:

  • No false commitments or expectations. Sharing realistic timeframe and transparent quotation without any hidden charges
  • Enjoy arbitrage savings by hiring a video producer from us in India at relatively lower costs than other nations
    NDAs and strict data protection measures to protect client’s sensitive information and video production concept
  • Professionally handling every request, revision, rework, and query to ensure the client is satisfied with our delivered work
  • Executing tasks, whether it is small or large-scale, with 100% Dedication and Commitment

Hire a video producer from Polymator by requesting a quotation at contact@polymator.com

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