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Give your gaming development one of the most trending, feature rich and fastest evolving ecosystems – Unity for developing innovative and riveting games that supports multiple platforms. At Polymator, we provide Unity Game Development services for creating realistic, captivating and scalable games with stunning graphics and enthralling features.

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Unity 3D Game Development

Our Unity Game Development Team

We have a highly experienced and skilled team of designers, developers, animators, modelers and QA testers who are passionate and driven towards developing highly engaging Unity games. Their commitment to serving every game with excellence by generating ingenious ideas and aiming for AAA quality makes us one of the best Unity Game Development Companies in India.

Our development team comprehends clients’ vision and formulate an intriguing storyline to transform a simple idea into a high-caliber game of the highest quality standards and unique features to allure the target audience and augment revenues.

Outsource your game 3D Animation

Hire dedicated Unity Game Developers from India’s highly trusted Unity Development Company to develop your dream games. Our developers are professional, competent and dedicated to delivering profitable games supporting iOS and Android platforms. They employ cutting-edge technologies, tools and techniques to build games that adhere to the industry’s best practices.

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Our Unity Game Development Services

As a fast-growing Unity Game Development Company in India, we strive to deliver every client with comprehensive end-to-end support. Hence, we offer a vast service offering to ensure they tick off every Unity Game Development Service they want for their game development. We comprehend your game concept and idea to devise a tailored solution to your gaming needs.

Whether you want to develop small-scale or large-scale Unity Games, our Custom Unity Game Development Services will fulfill your requirements. The following are our services:

Quality Assurance and Testing

Full Cycle Game Development

We provide end to end Unity Game Development services from conceptualization to art and design, animation, modeling, development, testing, game monetization, launch and post-deployment support and maintenance, fulfilling all needs at a one-stop destination.

AR/VR Development

AR/VR Game Development

We provide Unity Game Development services for creating AR/VR games for various areas, such as education and entertainment. We employ our rich expertise to evaluate the viability of any gaming idea and its acceptance by users to give you a transparent solution.

UI / UX Design

Cross-Platform Games Development

We provide complete development support and assistance with deployment for cross-platform games compatible with multiple devices and platforms. We have the skill set to build cross-platform unity games of any genre, scale, size and complexity.

Extensive expertise in 3D game development

3D Visualization

Our team incorporates their ingenious ideas into your games, aiming for 100% uniqueness to attract a vast audience. They bring out their creativity to ensure the game design, assets, environments and animation are identical to our previous work.

Final Release

Porting and Migration

We provide full support for porting your game from existing platform to another, ensuring the current gameplay features, graphics and mechanics aren’t affected. We also assist in migrating the code base from another framework to Unity.

Expertise in Unity Gaming Engine

Unity Game Prototype

We comprehend your gaming vision and concept to design and develop a prototype using best-suited frameworks, technology, tools and techniques to give you a firm idea of the finished game and exhibit it to raise funding from potential investors.

Real Money

Game Monetization

We research similar genre games to study the monetization strategy adopted by competitors to formulate game monetization strategy and place them at various game stages to persuade users to purchase by providing them with multiple payment gateway options.


Game LiveOps Services

We conduct live operations to enhance your game player engagement and augment the retention rate based on analytics and user feedback. We incorporate the suggestions and continuously fine-tune your gameplay through regular updates and releases.


Multiple Platforms

We develop Unity 2D and 3D games and thoroughly test them on multiple browsers and devices to ensure your game is compatible with multi-platforms for driving a vast audience and augmenting overall revenues. We aim for seamless performance through multi-platforms.

Technologies We Work With

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Why work with Polymator?

As one of the most trustworthy Unity Game Development Companies, we aim to provide exemplary game development services to every client by transforming their vivid ideas into enthralling and spectacular games for multiple platforms and bringing them to reality. We focus on creating games that users look forward to and can play for longer periods. We immerse gamers into your gaming world with our ultimate level of creativity and mesmerizing graphics.

Every game foundation must be seeded with utmost care and the development team can make or break the final game. The following are few more reasons for choosing us as your Unity 3D Game Development Company:

Simple Engagement Models

Cross-Functional Team

We have a diverse and cross-functional team of project managers, game designers, graphic artists, animators, modelers, sound effects engineers, developers, monetization experts and testers to fulfill all your game development needs at a one-stop destination. Such excellent diversity enables us to take up projects of multiple game genres, scales, sizes and complexity and deliver them with the highest quality standards and adherence to best practices within the dedicated timeframe.

Collaborative work approach

Agile Methodology

As a highly dependable Unity Development Company in India, we follow proven agile methodology and workflow for developing Unity games through an iteration-based approach. It helps us to deliver value-creation output and rapidly deploy the finished product without unnecessary delays. We break the entire Unity game development process into smaller phases to ensure each is performed efficiently and set a base for the following stages.

Continuous support and post-development assistance

Highly Qualified and Competent Team

Our Developers are highly qualified, experienced and skilled in handling gaming projects of any difficulty. Our team will meet your requirements regardless of your gaming budget or genre by making a customized plan and considering all aspects to give you a correct solution. Our team is well-versed in coding and programming languages, advanced tools and technologies and the industry’s best practices to deliver the highest quality output.

Post Delivery Support

Timely Deliverables

As a highly reputed Unity3D Game Development Company, we don’t make false commitments. Our team thoroughly comprehends your gaming project and estimates the accurate budget and timeline. We believe in providing a realistic timeframe, goals and expectations that we can adhere to and deliver the output accordingly. Transparency in communication helps in building a long-term business relationship.

Unity Game Development Process

We have formulated a set of procedures that our team follows at every game development stage to ensure each step is executed with utmost precision and gives us the intended final output matching the client’s game vision and concept. The following is an overview of our Unity Game Development process:


Comprehending Client Vision

We first understand the client’s gaming vision and requirements to formulate a solid base by working on game conceptualization and sharing it with the client to finalize one. After that, we entered into a gaming project contract through a mutual agreement and NDAs.

UI / UX Design

Research and Game Design

After the concept is finalized, we research gaming genre trends, user demands and competitors’ strategies to make a well-documented plan for the design team. Our Game Designers start working on functional game design (prototype) by incorporating core loops, gameplay mechanics and metrics and documenting them in a GDD.


Concept Art Design

After the game design is developed and the game art style is finalized, we move towards creating concept art, such as game assets, environment models, character and animation, textures, UI designs and other artworks.


Game Development

After concept art and required artwork are made, we move towards developing game modules, ensuring they adhere to the technical design documents. Our developers meticulously implement every design and art according to the game storyline.

Game Programming

Game Testing

After game development, our QA testers adopt performance optimization methods and other testing types to thoroughly test the game from all perspectives to detect and resolve potential bottlenecks.

Real Money

Game Monetization

We develop game monetization strategies and place them at subsequent places to encourage users to purchase assets and provide them with intended benefits for staying ahead in the game.

Deployment and Publishing

Game Release and Maintenance

We deliver the final tested and ready product for deployment. We provide complete support and maintenance post-launch through game maintenance, performance enhancement, bug fixes, content updates and post release technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a list of detailed and answers. Don’t worry if you still have some doubts. Our experts would love to answer your questions.

What is the process of developing a Unity 3D game with Polymator?

The process of developing a Unity 3D game with Polymator is pretty simple and it is as follows:

  • Initial consultation to understand your goals
  • Documentation – GDD
  • Visualisation and design
  • Development
  • Optimization and Testing
  • Deployment

Contact us at contact@polymator.com for a project consultation.

What types of games can be developed with Unity?

Several types of games can be developed with Unity, depending on your requirements and genre. Some primary game types made with Unity are casual, action-adventure, MMORPG, Racing, Shooter, RPG, VR/AR Games, 2D and 3D Games, Puzzles, Real Money Games and Cards.

If you are planning to build a game using the Unity game engine, contact us at contact@polymator.com for a project consultation.

What is your pricing structure for Unity game development services?

The timeline and development cost involved in Unity game development can vary based on the complexity of the overall game scope, features you want in it, graphics, gameplay mechanics and genre.

For instance, the development cost of making a Card game with Unity will be comparatively less than building a high-octane action-adventure game. The more complex your gaming scope is, the longer the duration and costs of game development will be.

The pricing also depends on several factors, such as the country you are hiring Unity Game Development Services from, team expertise, geographic location, project scale, size, complexity, number of services you want to hire and more.

Hence, it’s advisable to consult with a professional game development company for an accurate development cost and duration tailored to your gaming project’s needs.

For a precise and transparent quotation, contact us at contact@polymator.com for a free project consultation.

What is your team experience in Unity Game development?

At Polymator, we have a highly experienced team of Game Developers with expertise in developing games of various genres, scales, sizes and complexity. As an overall team, we are technically skilled and ready to take on the Unity Game Development project of any budget and complexity.

We aim to deliver every game with utmost attention to detail to every element to make it look unique and garner a tremendous response. If you would like to see our work portfolio and know about our expertise in detail, contact us at contact@polymator.com

What coding languages do you work with?

Numerous coding languages are supported by Unity for game development and you can adopt any of them depending on your requirements and preferences. The coding languages we work on for Unity Game Development Service are C#, C++ and Java.

What platforms does Polymator support for Unity 3D game development?

Unity 3D Game Development supports several platforms and they are as follows:

  • Mobile Platforms: iOS and Android
  • Desktop Platform: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Console Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
  • VR Platforms: Oculus, HTC Vive, Google Daydream

Can you help me develop cross-platform Unity 3D games?

We provide full-fledged Unity Development Services for making cross-platform Unity 3D games. It will support iOS and Android platforms and will run on multitudinous devices. We bring our extensive experience and knowledge to build Unity 3D games of various genres and scales.

Contact us at contact@polymator.com for a quotation and free consultation on developing Cross-Platform Unity 3D games.

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