Hire Dedicated AR Developers

Hire Dedicated
AR Developers

Turn your AR Games and Apps Vision and Concept into reality by hiring dedicated augmented reality developers from Polymator. Whether you want to assign a one-off task for your project or entire project development, our AR App Developers will professionally fulfill your requirements.

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Dedicated Augmented Reality App Developer

Dedicated Augmented Reality App Developer in India

Our AR Developers for hire are committed to delivering best quality output, streamlining your business processes, and enhancing user engagement. Whether you want to develop a gaming app, retail or enterprise app, or for educational and healthcare purposes, our AR Developer for hire will help you with it. We offer various hiring options to ensure all your AR App Development hiring requirements are fulfilled at a one-stop destination. Our AR Developers team has expertise in leveraging cutting-edge tools like Marker-Based AR Technology, 3D Data Visualization, and Computer Vision Algorithms to develop highly engaging and immersive AR Apps.

Why Polymator?

Hire AR Developers from Polymator and transform your dream AR App Development project into reality by developing unique and captivating immersive designs and components to keep users hooked right from their first interaction with the app. Our Augmented Reality App Developers in India blend digital and physical elements to elevate your users’ experience with enthralling UI and interactive navigation. You will attain scalability by expanding your internal team and focusing on core activities while our augmented reality developers manage assigned tasks. The following are some more reasons for hiring an AR App Developer from us:

Simple Engagement Models

Simple Engagement Models

Offering Fixed Price model, flexible T&M model, and Dedicated Hiring model with full transparency and a promise of No Hidden Costs

Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach

Seamless collaboration with the client and their teams, ensuring an active partnership where regular updates are key factors or our approach

Timely Deliveries

Timely Deliveries

As your responsible development partner and our dedication to timely deliveries – we always ensure your business goals are achieved as we committed

Post Delivery Support

Post-Delivery Support

We offer robust Post Delivery Support that guarantees continued excellence, seamless transition, and optimized performance to ensure your success

Data Security Assurance

Data Security Assurance

With our extreme measures for Data Security, we assure you the highest level of protection and confidentiality for your valuable idea and assets

Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property Protection

With our strict data protection policies, we always ensure your proprietary ideas are always shielded throughout our collaboration

Technologies We Work With

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Unity 3D



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AR Kit

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AR Core

Benefits of Hiring AR Developers from Polymator

Our Augmented Reality Developer in India is well-versed in the comprehensive AR Game and App development process for Android and iOS platforms. They aim to simplify people’s everyday tasks by giving them intended outcomes and derive value from your AR application. There are numerous benefits of hiring an AR Developer in India from us. The salient ones are:

Multiple Revisions

Multiple Revisions

Our Dedicated AR Developer for hire will initiate your multiple requests and make revisions to your AR App to ensure a 100% flawless final product matching your vision.

Flexible Engagement Models

Flexible Engagement Models

Hire AR Developers for a one-off project task or multiple project work. We have flexible engagement models to match your requirements and no long-term commitments.

Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience

Our AR Developers meticulously design every app, ensuring uniqueness and intuitive elements, and match them with app context for user engagement.

Minute Narrative Details

Minute Narrative Details

Our AR Developers maintain a perfect pace to keep users engaged by giving them surprises through smartly placing narrative details and information.

Using Best Tools

Using Best Tools

Our AR Developers comprehend your app requirements and suggest pertinent app development tools. They implement best practices for app development.



Our AR Developers will help you monetize your app by recommending users’ in-app purchases at relevant stages where they will be persuaded to buy services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a list of detailed and answers. Don’t worry if you still have some doubts. Our experts would love to answer your questions.

What is augmented reality (AR)?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that combines digital information into the real world. This can be done through the use of smartphones, tablets or wearable devices. Augmented Reality Apps can be used for a variety of purposes such as navigation, entertainment and education.

AR apps work by tracking the user’s position and orientation in the real world. Then, the app overlays digital information onto the user’s view of the real world. For example, an AR navigation app could overlay directions onto the user’s view of the street. Or, an AR game could overlay virtual monsters onto the user’s view of their living room.

How can I use AR to improve my business?

Augmented reality (AR) is a powerful technology that can help to improve your business substantially. For example, Augmented Reality can be used to create interactive shopping experiences, it can help you to improve manufacturing efficiency, it can be used in creating training modules for workers or it can provide patients with more information about their treatments and it can create immersive learning experiences.

How do you manage AR development projects?

At Polymator we use a variety of project management tools and follow different methodologies to manage AR development projects. Our process starts with a detailed project plan that includes an outline of the scope of work.

Once the project plan is mutually agreed, our AR Developers start the development phase . We primarily use industry standard tools such as Unity, Vuforia, AR Kit, AR Core etc. We also work closely with our clients to ensure that the app meets their specific requirements.

Throughout the development process, we conduct regular quality assurance testing to ensure that the app is working properly. We also keep our clients updated on the project’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to the plan.

What are your communication and collaboration processes?

We use various project management tools, emails, direct calls or video conferencing for our discussions and to provide updates to our clients. We also use various project management tools to track the project’s progress.

We are committed to keeping our clients informed and encourage their maximum involvement during the development process. We provide regular updates on the project’s progress and hold regular meetings to discuss the project’s direction. We also encourage our clients to provide feedback and suggestions on a regular basis. If a client has a specific demand about communication or collaboration tools we are open to that.

What are your quality assurance and testing procedures?

We have a robust quality assurance and testing process in place to ensure that our AR apps are bug free and of the highest quality. We test our AR Apps on a variety of devices and operating systems to ensure that they are compatible and perform well. We also do functionality tests, usability tests and security tests.

Do you provide support and maintenance for AR apps after they are launched?

Yes, we provide post launch support and maintenance services. We offer a variety of support options to meet our clients’ needs. Our support plans include bug fixes, regular updates and implementation of new features.

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