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By: Polymator InteractiveJune 7, 2023

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The never satisfying human desire and the constantly evolving & introducing revolutionary technologies of Apple is a never-ending love story. And this has given humankind an unbelievable and beyond imagination product unveiled by Apple: Apple Vision Pro.

It is a revolutionary spatial computer that introduces us to spatial computing and seamlessly amalgamates digital content with the real world, allowing users to stay present & connected to others. It unlocks breathtaking experiences for the users and exciting opportunities for Apple developers.

Through a tight integration of software & hardware, Apple has designed a standalone spatial computer in a compact wearable form, the ultra-modern and futuristic personal electronic device. In this blog, we will walk you through the features, engaging experiences, and scope of Apple Vision Pro.

What is Apple Vision Pro?

It is the world’s first spatial operating system creating an infinite canvas for apps scaling beyond the boundaries of a traditional display, introducing us to a fully 3D user interface controlled by the most natural & intuitive inputs – user’s eyes, voice, and hands. Apple Vision Pro lets users interact with digital content in a never experienced way like it is physically present in their space.

Apple Vision Pro Breakthrough Design

Apple Vision Pro has a remarkable amount of technology in a compact design. It is a singular piece of 3D-formed & laminated glass that is polished, creating an optical surface that acts as a lens for the broad array of cameras & sensors required to blend the real world with digital content.

Its breakthrough design features an ultra-high-resolution display system. It is built on top of an Apple silicon chip and uses micro-OLED technology packed with 23 million pixels across two displays, more than 4K TV for each eye, and a brand new R1 chip for a virtually lag-free experience, ensuring each experience feels like happening in front of the user’s eyes in real-time (immersive world).

It has flexible straps for audio to remain close to the user’s ears, and the headband is available in multiple sizes.

Apple Vision Pro Hardware

Apple Vision Pro has an advanced Spatial Audio system, the heart of the Vision Pro experience. It creates a feeling that sounds are coming from the surrounding environments of the users & matching the sound to the space.

It has two individually amplified drivers inside each airpod to deliver Personalized Spatial Audio based on the user’s personal head & ear geometry. It has a high-performance eye-tracking system, high-speed cameras, and LEDs rings that project invisible light patterns on the user’s eyes for responsive & intuitive input.

These revolutionary innovations are powered by Apple silicon brand-new R1 chip processes, which take input from five sensors, 12 cameras, and six microphones, ensuring content feels realistic. R1 chip streams new images to displays within 12 milliseconds (8x faster than an eye blink).

Best-in-Industry Privacy & Security

Apple Vision Pro is developed on a robust foundation of privacy & security, keeping users in control of their data. It comes with Optic ID, a new secured authentication system that analyzes the user’s iris under different invisible LED light exposures & compares it with enrolled Optic ID data protected by the Secure Enclave for instantly unlocking Vision Pro. Users’ Optic ID data is fully encrypted, not accessible to apps, and not stored on Apple servers.

Eye Tracking information of Apple Vision Pro is not shared with Apple, third-party apps, or websites. Camera and sensor data is processed at the system level, and individual apps don’t need to see the user’s surroundings to enable Spatial experiences. Eyesight includes a visual indicator, making it clear to others when users capture a spatial photo or video.

Never felt Extraordinary Experiences

Apple Vision Pro brings a revolutionary dimension to compelling personal Computing by transforming how users interact with their favorite apps, connect with their loved ones in FaceTime, capture & relive memories, and enjoy their favorite movies & TV shows. The following are the experiences and usage of Apple Vision Pro:

1. Infinite Canvas for apps at work and home

VisionOS features a 3D interface freeing apps from display boundaries, allowing them to appear side-by-side at any scale. It enables users to be more productive with new ways to multitask, access favorite apps, infinite screen displays, and more.

It will come with Magic Keyboard and Trackpad, allowing users to set up a perfect workspace and bringing the potent capabilities of Mac into Vision Pro wirelessly, thereby creating a private, huge, and portable 4K display with stunning, crisp text.

2. Enthralling Entertainment Experiences

Apple Vision Pro can transform any space into a private movie theatre with its two ultra-high-resolution display screen that creates an ambiance of 100 feet wide with its ultra-modern Spatial Audio system.

Users can watch their favorite TV shows & movies in a three-dimensional environment. It offers 180-degree high-resolution recordings with Spatial Audio and access to a fascinating list of immersive videos transporting them into immersive worlds.

Spatial Computing gives gamers a delightful and enraptured experience with 100+ Apple Arcade Games on a giant screen of their choice with magnificent immersive Spatial Audio & support for modern-day game controllers.

3. FaceTime turns Spatial

With Apple Vision Pro, FaceTime calls reflect everyone in life-size tiles and Spatial Audio, making it sound like participants are speaking from where they are positioned. Users wearing Vision Pro during FaceTime can see a digital representation of themselves created via Apple’s Machine Learning, reflecting their face & hand movements in real time. Also, users can watch a movie, collaborate on a presentation, browse photos, and more.

4. Memories Come to Life

It lets users capture, relive, and immerse themselves in favorite memories with Spatial Audio. Every Spatial video & photo transport back to a moment in time. Users can access the entire photo library of their iCloud to view photos & videos at a life-size scale with spectacular colors and detailing. Every Panorama shot on iPhone expands & wraps around the user, giving them a realistic environment of photo duration & location.


After reading the blog, you will be clear about what Apple Vision Pro is, its breakthrough design, hardware, best-in-industry privacy & security, and never felt extraordinary experiences. Vision Pro is going to be one of the colossal moments in Apple’s history and a revolutionary product with its futuristic features & vision. For any questions, feel free to contact us.

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