Create a successful Mobile Game in just 7 steps

By: Polymator InteractiveMay 15, 2023

Mobile Apps have skyrocketed in the last 8 odd years, and post-pandemic, people have started spending more time on their smartphones using different mobile applications and playing games. It has inspired and motivated gaming app developers to make mobile games to keep up with the mobile game market trends and demands.

There are numerous ways to make a mobile game app. However, following an incorrect pattern and process can lead to a shoot-up in game development costs and time. In this blog, we will walk you through 7 steps of successfully creating a mobile game app.

Steps of Creating a Successful Mobile Game App

Initial Planning

The foundation of any building, product, service, or app is its foundation, which involves solid initial planning by properly comprehending the concept, vision, and ideas for turning them into reality. Proper planning is necessary for game conceptualization, which can make or break your game.

The first step involves appropriate planning about what you “actually” want to develop. E.g., do you want to make a puzzle game, racing car/bike game, treasure hunt game, mafia game, or kid’s game?

To simplify this, you can jot down ideas to come up with unique ideas for gameplay, characters, environments, objects, animation, different art styles, and more that will make your game enthralling and electrifying to engage a mass audience.

Once you have decided on the game genre, sketch your game characters, environment, animation, objects, and vital elements. And describe in writing how you want your end game to look like. Ensure it is crisp, precise, and concise for better comprehension.

We recommend maintaining a journal or notepad to keep the mobile game ideas, vision, and concepts organized in one place for quick reference.

If you are still confused and need clarification regarding picking a game genre, we recommend referring to the blog from YouGov, on the list of the most popular categories of mobile games, with statistical data for better understanding.

Choosing the right mobile game development software

Once you have decided on the game genre and done initial planning, the next step is selecting the right mobile game development software. It is the make-or-break stage, as the correct mobile game development software will help you make astounding & stunning visuals.

It is the step that will decide the coding tools for your mobile game app to showcase your creativity and convert the concepts into reality. There are numerous mobile game development software available in the market.

Refer to our other blog on the best mobile game engines and development platforms in 2023 for your assistance. However, if you need clarification & guidance, feel free to contact us.

Programming Language

After selecting mobile game development software, the next step is to hire a mobile game app developer proficient with mobile game app programming language. You must also learn and be proactive with a programming language to be on the same page with mobile game developers.

At Polymator, we have highly qualified and skilled mobile game app developers who are well-versed in programming language and a wide variety of game libraries to take your game to the next level. Our Unity Game App developers will add an exquisite touch to your mobile game app.

Begin mobile game app development

The next step is starting your mobile game app development project. We recommend the following tips for keeping the process straightforward:

  • Begin with basic mechanics and rules of gameplay.
  • Design your game’s first level by implementing graphics and running tests
  • Finally, creating the mobile game interface in the form of screens, menus, options, settings, and more required elements.

The above three steps will simplify your game creation process and mitigate any complications.

Implementation of mobile game graphics

This step involves deciding on the game graphics, whether you want 2D or 3D graphics in your mobile game. After deciding on 2D & 3D, you must determine if you wish to do it in-house or outsource to a mobile game app development company.

We recommend using Photoshop for 2D Graphics, and for 3D graphics, we recommend Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3Ds Max.

At Polymator, we use the best tools for creating 2D & 3D graphics, and our designers are well-versed with the tools and create immersive graphics. Hire mobile game app graphics designers from us and take your game graphics to the next level.

Boost your app gameplay

Once you have laid out your mobile game app, you must refine it to create an enthralling & spectacular end-user experience. The following are some common tweaks to boost your app gameplay:

  • Keep the controls easy to operate & intuitive.
  • Keep an interactive & engaging storyline to make users instantly connect with the gameplay & plot.
  • Creation of the required mood by adding suitable & appropriate music to make the gameplay enthralling & electrifying.
  • Ensure the visual elements of your game don’t pixelate
  • And most importantly, constantly runs tests to detect and fix bugs or errors.

Releasing game in the market

The final step involves releasing your mobile game in the market. The common mistake that mobile game app developers commit is spending more time & investing efforts to make the game more perfect, which can hamper the game.

Ensure to pay attention to testing & refinement for rapidly releasing the game in the market. Once the game is released, take feedback into consideration and work on it quickly to enhance the overall end-user experience with your game. Ensure to regularly release updates to keep your audience engaged with your game.

At Polymator, our game app developers will help you run final tests to ensure your game is ready for release. And we also consult top game app review companies to foster your game end-user experience.


After reading the blog, you will have firm clarity regarding how to successfully create a mobile game app in just 7 steps. By following the 7 steps mentioned in the blog, you can effortlessly develop your mobile game app by ensuring it has all the elements from proper planning to software selection to enthralling gameplay.

However, if you need more tips or have questions regarding mobile game app development or software, feel free to contact us.

At Polymator, we provide comprehensive mobile game app development services for both Android & iOS platforms. We have one of the most skilled and dexterous mobile game app developers who have immense expertise & knowledge in mobile game development and creation.

Outsource your mobile game development to us, and we will effortlessly develop your mobile game. You can utilize the saved time, resources, and cost in your core business activities. Contact us for a consultation and quotation for your mobile game app. And alternatively, you can email us your game requirements at

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